Virsioni in Sicilianu

Arba Sicula is a non-profit international organization that promotes the language and culture of Sicily. It does so in the following ways:

Arba Sicula

By Publishing Arba Sicula
a unique Sicilian/English annual journal (a double volume) that focuses on the literature, art, history, cuisine and folklore of Sicily. This is our 40th year of publication. Click on the journal to see the table of contents and to read samples of its articles. In celebration of its fortieth anniversary, Arba Sicula has created a CD that contains all 42 issues of the journal on a CD. The CD has a table of contents arranged by recurring features (poetry, prose, Sicilian language, traditions, etc.) that allows you to access the pages with a click of the mouse. The CD, $30.00 each, plus $4.00 for S&H, is available through Arba Sicula, PO Box 149, Mineola, NY 11501.

Sicilia Parra

By Publishing Sicilia Parra
a 20-page biannual newsletter that highlights the activities of the organization. It is written primarily in English with one or two pages devoted to Sicilian. To see the current issue's table of contents and to read samples of its articles, click on the cover page. We have created a DVD that contains all 62 issues from 1989 to 2019) of the newsletter. The DVD, $30.00 each, is available through Arba Sicula PO Box 149, Mineola, NY 11501. If you buy the Arba Sicula CD and the Sicilia Parra DVD together we will send you a complimentary 40th Anniversary Lapel pin for free (a $10 value). Send $64.00 for both CD & DVD.


By Promoting Books of Sicily and Sicilians
Books are our best bet to overcome the silly stereotypes of Sicilians produced by the mass media. We need to educate people about the true nature of the Sicilian people and of their contributions to western civilization. To see a list of the current books click here.

Now you can buy books directly online by using the Arba Sicula-Legas Online Store. The books will then be shipped to you via the US Post Office. To order books online click here.

Learn Sicilian

Legas is pleased to announce
A revised edition of Gaetano Cipolla's Learn Sicilian / Mparamu lu sicilianu, a comprehensive, interactive grammar of Sicilian. This is volume XXV of the Legas Series Sicilian Studies. This 334-page volume is accompanied by a DVD that contains a comprehensive guide to the pronunciation of Sicilian, the answers to most of the grammatical exercises, and the audio of all the readings, dialogues and cultural material in the book. This is the first comprehensive course in Sicilian designed ideally as a classroom textbook, but it will meet the needs of those who wish to learn the language by themselves. This book represents a total departure from other Sicilian grammars written in Sicily or in the United States, because it is not a reference book, but a teaching tool, created to develop a good Sicilian pronunciation and gain command of the language as well as of the culture of the island. The book contains readings on customs and traditions of Sicily, information on the major cities, on Sicilian poets and writers, attractions and daily living, as well as Sicilian proverbs, sayings and even tongue twisters. In short, the book is a complete course on Sicilian language and culture that all Sicilians and Sicilian Americans ought to own. The readings are very funny, easily understood, and very informative. They are written by Professor Gaetano Cipolla who has devoted his career to promoting a better understanding and appreciation of his homeland. In addition to all the precious information contained in this book, the reader will be impressed by the high quality of its presentation. The choice of coated paper and the wonderful color photographs provide a hint of the extra care that the publisher lavished on it. Truly this is a book that will stand the test of time.
The volume, ISBN 1881901-89-1, (9781881901891) costs $32.00 plus $4.00 for shipping. For fast service send check or money order to Legas, P.O. Box 149, Mineola, NY 11501. Click here to see the Table of Contents of Learn Sicilian.

How well do you know Sicilian? Try your hand.
Here's an extract from pages 63 to 65 of Learn Sicilian-Mparamu lu sicilianu about the stem-changing rule in Sicilian. To learn the rule and try your hand on the exercises, click here.

By Organizing Lectures and Poetry Recitals
Arba Sicula organizes lectures, recitals and theatrical events at St. John's University, as well as at other institutions. Members will be notified by mail or by email. Send your e-mail address to Professor Cipolla so you can be notified about upcoming events. To see a poetry reading by Professor Cipolla at NYU, click here.

By Organizing Annual Tours of Sicily for Our Members
Unlike commercially prepared tours, Arba Sicula's tours are designed for people who have a special feeling for the island. They are unique experiences, journeys of discovery. The next tour will be our 25th consecutive tour. Unfortunately, we have a full complement of members for this edition. To see the itinerary of our 25th consecutive tour , click here.

Click here to hear some Sicilian dialogues and poems. To buy The Sounds of Sicilian click here.